Know Best

Reading about Laura DeCrescenzo’s life as a Sea Org member on (The Underground Bunker) today was deeply, deeply troubling.

L. Ron Hubbard (LRH) wrote in DMSMH and Science of Survival that attempted abortion is the act of a would be murderer. How then could a female Scientologist, especially a Sea Org member who is only 17 be pressured by church staff to not only seek an abortion she doesn’t want but go through with it? Despite this being the antithesis of what LRH wrote, the documented evidence is undeniable! And worse, the abortion was characterized to her as being for “the greatest good”! Truly shocking.

This girl had nowhere to turn. Her husband was not prepared to be a father and she didn’t want to get herself into more trouble or pull her unsuspecting family into it so she went along with the game plan. Unfortunately, her loss haunted her.

Sadly, this kind of thing isn’t an anomaly. Several years ago my friend, the Senior C/S at an org, was afraid of losing her relationship with her grandchild. Her son who was in the Sea Org (SO) had divorced his pregnant wife so he could stay in the SO. After a year or so his ex-wife, now out of the SO, was poised to marry someone else who was ready to adopt the child. My friend found herself in the tenuous position of potentially losing the grandchild her son was willing to disown.

When bad things happen within the confines of Scientology they are compartmentalized as isolated incidents caused by a specific someone who has gone off the rails. Additionally, if harm should befall this specific someone it is always his/her own fault. Therefore, Scientology is never organizationally responsible for non-optimum occurrences. The norm for a Scientology executive handling a messy situation is to first protect the organization, then deal with the rest. Hence, the personal carnage.

This kind of thinking is the exact opposite of what LRH states in Keeping Scientology Working: It is the bank that says the group is all and the individual nothing.

Brutality against children and disdain for those who love them will not bring about a more sane society.

Keeping Scientology Working also warns that the downfall of Scientology can only come about from a failure to practice Scientology itself. In short, the CofS is responsible for its own condition.