Bye-Bye Miss Scientology Pie

Where did our love go?

In 1970 I found Scientology in San Francisco. It was a vibrantly dynamic organization that helped people become more aware of themselves and what’s really going on in the world. Everyone was welcome. Our only real enemy was the reactive mind, an insidious tooth and claw automatic mechanism, lying beneath the conscious mind of every person on Earth. It’s eradication would be our gift to Mankind.

Written in 1965, the core policy of the organization was Keeping Scientology Working. In it L. Ron Hubbard (LRH) warns that the not-quite-bright often have a button on self-importance, that any trouble for Scientology can only be generated by the group itself failing to safeguard and apply its own known policy and practices and that it is the reactive mind that says the group is all and the individual nothing. This policy demands technical delivery be done by the book and especially condemns any bragging about speed of delivery which is the hallmark of shortchanging the public.

Until his death in 1986, LRH policy forbidding parishioner monetary donations for anything other than Church services was firmly in place. This organizational policy was in line with his personal view that a being is only as valuable as he can serve others. He thought and spoke highly of people who became technically trained as auditors, stating flatly that auditors are the most valuable beings on the planet because they alone are capable of freeing Man.

While LRH was alive membership in the HASI (Hubbard Association of Scientologists International) was encouraged. A lifetime membership was $75. Shortly after he died, the IAS (International Association of Scientologists) was formed. Membership became unavoidable. Initially a lifetime membership was $2000. Now it is $5000. Parishioners are very strongly urged to donate more and more money in order to upgrade their IAS “status” regularly. The array of IAS statuses continues to grow with no end in sight.

In the early 2000s the measure of a person’s worth shifted from how highly trained they were to what their IAS status is. Some years ago I was startled at a weekly graduation to hear people’s IAS status being announced between their name and what course they had just completed. This was dismaying. When Christmas rolled around that year the names of people who had upgraded their IAS status decorated a prominent first floor wall at ASHO. In earlier years the names of people who had completed courses were put onto Christmas ornaments and hung on the tree in LRH’s office. Gone.

The pride in technical training comes from knowing that you as an auditor are applying Standard Tech. Standard Tech is a “thin silver path.” As an auditor you are either “on” or “off” this path. There is no wiggle room.

Over the years there have been certain fads within Scientology that required everyone to do a particular service despite what they had recently done or were about to do. In the early 70s there was Method 1 word clearing + The Primary Rundown which resulted in a person being “Super Literate.” Someone who is Super Literate can simply read something and gain full conceptual understanding of what is written. There were mounting problems with this service and it was wound down and quietly discontinued. People training as auditors nearly always still do receive Method 1 Word Clearing. In doing this they become “Fast Flow” students allowing them to move through their studies faster. In the 80s everyone was to do Key to Life (KTL) which was meant to remove false educational blocks from a person’s ability to communicate. There were mounting problems with KTL and it too has quietly faded away.

In the mid-90s the Golden Age of Tech changed training forever. Apparently all earlier auditor training was for naught. Previously trained auditors were to retrain from the bottom up using newly created drills. These drills were not by LRH. Many technical bulletins written by LRH were now being “updated” according to LRH “notes” which were not available for verification by anyone outside the Sea Organizations’ compilations unit. A number of seasoned auditors were unable to jump through these new hoops and were squeezed out of service. And while newer auditors embraced the promise of the Golden Age of Tech, fewer and fewer of them really gained the necessary skills to audit due to eased requirements in their training. In the mid 2000s “The Basics” replaced the majority of books written by LRH. These new books were touted as being exactly what LRH had intended and wanted but hadn’t gotten from various publishers. Parishioners were directed to buy these new books along with their supporting lectures, some of which were available for the very first time and bring their old books into the organization so they could be shredded. All auditor training was suspended until everyone got through the Basics.

Now we are on the brink of the Golden Age of Tech phase II. Again, there are all new courses and even a new e-meter. The long awaited new Technical and Administrative Dictionary is rumored to be a part of this roll out, as well.

Once again no one has ever learned to audit until now, even those who did the Golden Age of Tech phase I. But no worries because enthusiastic promises are being made that people are now able to train faster than ever as auditors. Also, many levels of auditing have been streamlined and are now being delivered in record time.

The Golden Age of Tech phase II guarantees Keeping Scientology Working 100%!

No, thank you.

It breaks my heart to see professional auditors and their case supervisors (C/Ses) told they don’t know what they are doing even though they have been applying Standard Tech or corrected into doing so by the appropriate people in the Qualifications Division on a daily basis for years on end.

It also grieves me to see parishioners whole-heartedly embrace the elaborate and false promises of this new wave of “must dos.” Some OT VIIIs are eagerly returning to the bottom of the Bridge to co-audit Objectives with the stultifying notion that “there are many wins to be had” and Objectives are “unlimited processes.” However, no LRH reference supports any of this.

To begin with, the Bridge is not circular. No self-respecting C/S would EVER program someone who had honestly risen up the auditing side of the Bridge DOWN the Bridge. The only time a person would correctly be programed to do earlier Grade steps is because they HADN’T MADE THE GRADE from that point on up to where they have now falsely arrived. A person in this predicament is known as a Bypassed Case.

This mass perversion of LRH tech and policy is the opposite of Keeping Scientology Working! Welcome to the Church of Scientology’s version of George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ where “some pigs are more equal than others” and proud of it.

At this point I’d like to apologize to my children and others dear to me for wearing blinders of my own making while they were being subjected to organizationally sanctioned brutality in the name of help. I continued, eyes straight ahead, on my path as though these things had little or nothing to do with me. Yes, I wrote reports and spoke up here and there. But I didn’t throw myself on the grenade. Instead, when it blew up in your faces I was sorry and consoled you as best I could…or went to your funeral,cried and then carried on. Please forgive me for being such a stupid and selfish asshole.

Although the Church of Scientology I joined in 1970 has slipped away, the tech still exists in the old books and Technical Volumes that have survived the library purges even if the practitioners have not.

Oh, by the way, despite popular belief the only reason people leave is not due to their own wrong-doing. Per LRH “When a situation is intolerable, people will leave.” This is the REAL WHY people are staying away from Scientology in droves.

To quote Bob Dylan: “Strike another match. Go start anew. It’s all over now, baby blue.”