Narconon Saves Lives

Drug addiction is a nasty cesspool. Getting hooked is too easy. Getting unhooked is a lot more involved. Ask anyone who’s done it. They won’t lie. For one thing it doesn’t happen over night, so actual work is involved. One good program is Narconon.

The Narconon Program began in the mid-60s when a prison inmate, Willie Benitez, read the book ‘Fundamentals of Thought’ by L. Ron Hubbard. Inspired by the truths he found in this book and with Ron’s blessing he started Narconon (Narcotics none).

Every man in the prison program with Willie was there voluntarily and could opt out at any time but no one did. Each one of them finished the Program and went on to be drug-free for life.

In 1971 the Narconon Program became available to the general public. From that time to the present it has helped thousands of people get off drugs and lead drug-free lives.

Recently a couple of former Narconon employees have been badmouthing the organization. Aside from sour grapes they have something else in common: they both got off drugs on the Narconon Program.

There’s also talk of Narconon really being Scientology. It isn’t. Yes, Narconon uses some fundamentals of Scientology and is properly licensed to do so. But Scientology is a religion with the end goal of a person achieving spiritual freedom and Narconon is a secular activity with the end goal of a person living a drug-free life. They are completely different activities with very different goals.

Who the heck am I to be saying these things? I became a Scientologist in 1970. I’m also a former Narconon employee – retired, not let go. Like most Narconon staff I am a former drug addict. I did not do the Narconon Program because when I got off drugs in 1969/70 Narconon wasn’t available to me. I wish it had been. I would have been there like a shot.