Staying the Same

Yesterday was officially my first day as a senior citizen. It began at Ventura beach for sunrise and when daylight ended there at sunset.

In between was a beautiful day starting with a drive along PCH for breakfast at the Paradise Cove Restaurant. I ordered the apple pie pancakes. They are delicious but so rich I defy anyone to eat them alone. After eating about half I found myself in desperate need of protein and lucked out when my daughter gave me some of her wonderful veggie scramble and my grandson generously waved a piece of bacon in my direction. I was saved.

We stayed at Paradise Cove for some family beach fun. My two grandsons were in and out of the surf over and over, the youngest shrieking in delight with each wave. What enthusiasm! I took a walk on the beach with my younger daughter and her cousin. We passed a couple wanting to be alone on our way to find a collection of seaworthy vessels waiting to be hired. I couldn’t quite locate where Jim Rockford’s mobile home might have been parked but so what, it was here some place. On our return the same couple was encroached upon by an older couple sitting on nearby rocks. The older couple acted as if they were alone on the rocks peering out to sea. So rude.

My niece then took us on a tour of other nearby haunts. We greatly admired Malibou Lake during a discreet drive by. (We’re not members.) We visited Paramount Ranch, now a National Park and walked the empty streets of the western town. We were sure a 2012-13 episode of The Mentalist was filmed here! A few fresh horse droppings brought us back to earth. Essentially we were on the back lot of Paramount but it was more than that. We had the place all to ourselves except for the squirrels and a couple of friendly park rangers at the creek bridge on our way back to the parking lot.

We headed for Agoura Hills for lunch at a vegan friendly restaurant. I had the small house salad to get some greens into myself. My grandsons are vegan. They ordered the kid’s mac and cheese and were very excited about this until it arrived. First, it wasn’t macaroni. It was pasta twists sitting in “gravy” with peas with crispy onions on top. This was not what they’d bargained for and they were discontent. Fortunately the actual pasta pieces could be extracted and divested of most of the gravy. They ate the pasta knowing gelato was in their future. Next we discovered Italian pastry heaven at Carrara Pastries. I had a small cannoli and sampled a few other naughty delights. Then we walked to Tifa for gelato. It was extraordinary…my daughter and I shared the pink grapefruit sorbet. It was light and wonderful, allowing us the illusion we were not over indulging. My grandson¬†had the dark chocolate which tasted like the first bite of a perfect truffle. (It really did!) Come to find out Tifa is a family business whose¬†head chef learned to make gelato in Italy. What a find!

We jumped onto the 101 North just in time to find our place in the conga line. Even so, it wasn’t really that bad. Later we met with some of our extended family for Chinese food which was better than pretty good. Following this my daughter got me back to the beach so we could watch the sun set. Google said it would happen at 7:48. Luckily it draged itself out until after 8.

What a day. It was literally one terrific indulgence after another with family and best friends. It reminded me that there is no end to finding new and wonderful things right around the next corner.